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Parent's Journal was part of a sixteen part series produced for the TlingIt and Haida Headstart of Southeast Alaska. Told through the voices of Alaska natives, the videos highlight in a very personal way the challenges Southeast Alaska Native parents face today. Off and on for three years, our team traveled extensively throughout the Native communities of Southeast Alaska to produce these videos:

Parent's Journal: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Parent's Journal: Childbirth and Newborn Care

Parent's Journal: Baby’s First Year, Growth and Development

Parent's Journal: Toddler Development

Parent's Journal: Teen Pregnancy

Parent's Journal: A Friendship with Head Start

Parent's Journal: Language, Literacy and Culture

Parent's Journal: Childcare for Babies and Toddlers

Parent's Journal: Breast Feeding is Best

Awards: 7 International Telly Awards, 4 Nell Shipman Awards.

Parent's Journal
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