"Just wanted to thank you and compliment KSPS for the excellent documentary about David Thompson and his exploration. It is one of the best hours of TV viewing I can remember in a long time. Keep up the great work!”

-Marie Goody

"We have really enjoyed watching the well produced documentary on the rum running in the northwest during prohibition. Well done!"

-Mark Weadick

"GREAT SHOW!!!!!!. I have meaning to send you an email since the first airing to let you know how much I enjoyed the program. One of the best parts is that I learned a ton about our city during that time. You also need to know that I have had so many people talk to me about the show. They all enjoyed it very much."

-Robert Seghetti, Commellini Estates

"Video is going over extremely well. Shown several groups and key folks and they are pleased and impressed. Nice job!! My boss took your video and used at as part of her presentation to officials at several Chinese Universities!! Again, thanks for the great work!"

-Brian Chase, Colorado State University

"Mary,... I watched the documentary last night. It's so great! Congratulations!"

-Rebecca Nappi, Features Writer, The Spokesman-Review

"Mary,... Nice job!! I love the new videos. And again, thank you for all the great videos you've produced for People to People over the years. Your talent amazes me."

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"Mary... Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you how much I enjoyed "Rum Runners Paradise." I just can't adequately express how excellent this program was. It's one thing for the content to be informative and engaging, but the transition elements of whimsical music, comedy, and dance were brilliant. I am completely in awe of the creativity displayed in this production. Thanks again for bringing your many talents to KSPS and for providing such an excellent program on our behalf. "

-Claude Kistler, KSPS General Manager

"Congratulations on your lovely documentary about David Thompson! You really did a fabulous job. Hope this finds you far away from your computer and your editing table, relaxing with a box of bon-bons!"

-Jack and Claire Nisbet, Historians

"Mary, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed "Courage in Corsets." I think you did a marvelous job of synthesizing a great deal of material. Your story is accurate, comprehensive, and useful to college classrooms, particularly for Pacific NW History and Western Women's History courses. I am eager to know if the program will be offered widely or was the November airing in Spokane the entire result of your effort? It seems to me that many college professors in the region need to know about the hour, preview it, and order it for their library media centers so future classrooms can use it."

-Karen J. Blair, Department Chair and Professor of History Central Washington University

"Mary... You and your group did a stunning job on the Secret Mission: Hanford. I think it is the best documentary I've ever seen. I hope once it is published we can carry it in our store."

-Connie Estep Curator, CREHST Museum

"Congratulations on a thoroughly enjoyable program, Rumrunner’s Paradise! The impeccably staged vintage re-enactments, swell period music with Casey and the boys, and chuckle-inducing vaudeville scenes were all terrific embellishments to solid interviews and journalism. The evocative look and feel of the program, the tasteful graphics and clever sound effects (calendar pages, klaxon horns) were all noticed in every good way. Thank you all for great storytelling on my public television station and for keeping local programming alive!"

-Tom McArthur

"Mary, I would really like to thank you and Jim and the rest of your crew for a wonderful documentary. It was fun being a part of it and I know everyone that I have talked to that was involved had a lot of fun. I know if you need some help in the future, there will be people in the club (including me) that will be there. Thanks for your great work!!"

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"Congratulations to you and Jim for giving us such a wonderful documentary about Multiple Sclerosis. I hope you both know how much your creative talents are appreciated."

-Patty Starkey, KSPS

"I finally had a chance to see Courage in Corsets-- I liked it very much. The campaign has for so long been dominated by the DeVoe- Hutton spat, and I thought you did a great job of providing a wider perspective. Many thanks!

- Dr. Susan Armitage, Historian, Author

"My husband and I watched "Courage in Corsets" yesterday, and we really enjoyed it! He plans on using it in his classroom. I love how you used the scrapbook as the background, and I really enjoyed the clips you used from various folks. You and Jim did a great job! Best of luck with your next documentary!"

-Dr. Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, Historian, Author